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evelinaro at fiverr (a seller I DONT recommend)

I ordered a logo from evelinaro at She said she needed 4 weeks to finish the logo. Ok, a long time, I thought, but probably it can be worth the wait. When 3 weeks was gone evelinaro suddenly cancelled the fiverr gig witohut reason. So i asked her why, she said «I just cant do it». Thats strange I thought. So I checked her profile out and discovered that since she took my gig she had doubled her prices, and also had taken on new gigs after my deleted gig.

So I suspect that she doubled her price and then cancelled gigs that she had accepted for her old price. So now it ended up with me having no logo and already 3 weeks delayed. I also had to spend a lot of time to find a new seller that could make my logo.

Fiverr has some ok sellers, but this is a seller I cant recommend. evelinaro is also regarded a «PRO» at Fiverr, that makes it even worse, PRO sellers shouldnt act like that.